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Ash Lockmun is a producer & filmmaker of Mauritian heritage. His desire comes from developing and breathing life into creative briefs. He is acutely proficient at actualising the translation of script to product against challenging constraints, thriving under the pressure to deliver. A born problem-solver, his incredible foresight and attention to premium detail allows for a distinct production experience.

Over the last 15 years he has built up a successful career in commercial advertising, working with established directors such as Jonathan Glazer, Seb Edwards, Henry Scholfield, Si&Ad and Gus Van Sant to name but a few. In 2020 year he produced the short film ‘The Fall’ directed by Jonathan Glazer for BBC Films which has been shown around the world at over 100 film festivals. He also has a keen passion for music video production, his recent Ed Sheeran promo has clocked in over 50M views on YouTube.

Determined, he is keen to bring a vibrant flair to contemporary home-grown cinema and promises to do so for many years to come.